Data Mining and Extraction

Trustpoint Cyber Services has the technology, methods, and resources to efficiently extract the personal information and create a notification list for our clients to meet their obligations.

Trustpoint Programmatic Search

A Trustpoint Data Consultant will ingest the data, apply search terms and regular expression patterns, analytics, and shape the dataset to generate an Assessment Culling and Term (ACT) report.

  • Ingestion includes secure file transfer, native file extraction, text extraction, metadata extraction, de-duplication, and NIST file suppression.
tabular data consolidation analysis​

Tabular Data Consolidation Analysis

Trustpoint developed advanced data optimization workflow and analytical process to compare data across spreadsheets and other file types with tabularized data.
  • Tabular files are a common bulk source of personal information in data sets and a burden to extract, both in time and costs.
  • Minimize time extracting information from tabular files with redundant information in the extraction data set at the sheet level.

Structured Extraction of Native Text (SENT) Data Extraction Technology

Process to structure data from documents with native extracted text and categorize the data.
  • Structures the data for computer-assisted coding of the document.
  • SENT workflow efficiently extracts and classifies notification and exposure information from documents with a high review burden, typically the most time-consuming and costly documents to review.
    • Burdensome documents are extraction-rich and contain reportable information for more than a handful of individuals.
    • The majority of burdensome documents are computer-generated and have native text for extraction.
    • Excel documents, database files generally, and documents identified as burdensome by the manual review team with native text are candidates for SENT.
  • SENT data is imported into the review workspace for additional quality assurance and inclusion with manually extracted data on the Notification Report deliverable.
global hybrid staffing

Global/Hybrid Review Staffing

Trustpoint Cyber Services has review resources and teams seated globally. Our experienced teams of reviewers have worked on hundreds of cyber incident review engagements.
  • Lower costs, increased quality, scalability.
  • Domestic US only teams available on request.

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